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Below you will find additions to your pole & aerial bags, along with some other cool accessories!  Some of these items are limited as we only create these in our scarce spare time.

FSAF Aerialist Self-Care Kits

These kits are a perfect addition to your aerial bag or the perfect gifts for your aerial friends!  We kept in mind all the things we run into as aerialists and created a self-care kit to fit those needs.  There are some extra special goodies inside, to name a few things, you can find: a pole/sweat microfiber towel, Tylenol, muscle pain relief cream, band-aids and more!  PRICE: $20 

Enviro Grip

Goodbye single-use plastic and hello Envrio Grip! Enviro Grip is not only a good grip aide and smells fantastic with it’s vanilla scent, but it’s tube is also biodegradable!! Vegan Friendly! PRICE: $20

Girlie Grip

Girlie Grip is the Ultimate Pole Grip Solution. It’s light, effective, and provides the long lasting non-slip grip that’s needed to execute the simplest or the most difficult tricks. It works for all Levels of Pole enthusiasts, from Beginners to Advanced Dancers through Competition level.  PRICE: $15

Knee Pads

More will be added as we find suppliers!

FSAF Apparel

More will be added as we find suppliers!

FSAF Aerial Bags

More will be added as we find suppliers! 

Other Specialty Items!

Items are being created! Check back soon! 

Aerial Resin Arts! 

Aerial Pyrography!