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 Aerial Events & More!!

Aerial Bartending.  Aerial Popcorn Tending.  Cirque Acts.  Festival & Carnival Entertainment.  Fire & Flow Arts. 

So you want to bring the awe-inspiring acts of Aerial Arts to your next event?

The best celebrations include something fun, mesmerizing and memorable; our Aerial Events bring just that!  We are Fort Smith’s #1 Aerial Event organizer!  Looking to find some entertainment that’s a little different from the rest?  Wanting an extra twist at your wedding ceremony?  Your guests will never get bored and want to slip away early.  Let our safe and engaging aerialists captivate guests at your upcoming business events, festivals, and grand openings!  We provide aerial entertainment for a PERFECT day at 25/50/100 year celebrations, retreats, community projects, charities, fundraisers, carnivals and fairs!  We can be the main attraction of the show or just the background-ambient performance at the main event!  We match the performance aesthetics as closely as possible to your particular theme with costumes, props and more!   

Aerial Performance Options:

Aerial Yoga***

Lollipop Lyra




Solos & Duos to Group Performances!

***These Performances have to be performed on a bigger 20′ Aerial Rig Apparatus that we DO NOT posses ourselves at this time, we are currently saving funds to purchase our own aerial rig.  Clients would have to be willing to pay an additional rental charge for the use of an aerial rig during our event.***

We work in collaboration with other local artists to bring the most to your event!  We’ll handle all the connections for an additional booking fee.  Grounded Acts that include Fire Performances like Fire Eating and Fire Flow Arts, Mermaids, Visual Flow Arts, Cyr (coming in the near future!), Burlesque and other dance styles, Acro Yoga, or something a little more colossal like Stilt Walkers! 

REQUIREMENTS:  Please note a 50% non-refundable retainer fee is due at booking to lock in your date/time and goes towards your total bill.  See “FAQs + Terms & Conditions” for more info on cancellations, rescheduling, and other event details.

Aerial Bartending 

An extravagant way to serve champagne, sparkling wine, bottled beverages, or non-alcoholic drinks; another option of serving treats, sweets, gifts or prizes!  Enjoy an Aerial Bartender at your event to serve those celebration bubbles or treats!

Aerial Bartender interacts and serves drinks to your guests, while performing ambient-freestyles between customers &/or slow serving times on an Aerial Apparatus.

Aerial Popcorn Tending

A lavish way to serve this irresistible crunchy snack; serve popcorn instead of drinks at your event!

Aerial Popcorn Tender interacts and serves popcorn to your guests, while performing ambient freestyles between customers &/or slow serving times on an Aerial Apparatus.  We bring our nostalgic vintage popcorn machine to the event!

EMAIL us today at fortsmithaerialfitness@gmail.com or TEXT 479.209.XXXX to request a quote for Aerial Events!


Occasionally, we host FREE Pop-Up Aerial Events around Fort Smith!  Where you can snag some FREE popcorn by one of our Popcorn Tending Aerialist!  Come watch our ambient aerial performances, check out our growing aerial merch, try a demo pose, enter for raffles and hang with our FLY Crew!!  These flash events are a good way to build community and a chance for us to give out informational material.  We network with local businesses throughout the area to share and spread the love of small businesses alike and in-between!  If you are a small business and would like to collaborate with us for a Pop-Up Aerial Event; where we can share promotional gifts, products and services with the community, contact us today at fortsmithaerialfitness@gmail.com! 

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***Please note reflection on prices***  Aerial Fitness and Circus Acts are not an easy sport/entertainment and it can be very dangerous!  Our aerialist and performers put their bodies through vigorous training to be able to perform the effortless movements and other feats that continue to amaze you.  Tipping your instructor or performer during parties and events is encouraged and appreciated!