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For those determined to FLY, having no wings is just a little detail!  Craft YOUR wings with us!

Where it all began…Where we’ve been…Where we are now…

About Us

Welcome to Fort Smith Aerial Fitness! Thank you for your interest in our studio! FSAF was founded in 2011 under Vertical Pole Studio until Kasey Valdivia and her family followed their dreams to the East coast; in 2017 our Mother studio made its new home in Navarre, FL.  Although we have changed names and owners over the years; our goals have stayed the same and we are proud to serve the Fort Smith community! 

FLY = Fly Like YOU!

Our Mission

We are passionate about bringing a challenging but exhilarating way of working out to the Fort Smith community!  We love how aerial fitness is so beneficial to everyone and every BODY no matter the age, body physique, gender, fitness, dance background or experience.  Together, we embrace our weaknesses and victories.  We stand for a safe and knowledgeable family environment to assist you on your aerial journey.  We promise to provide inspiration, motivation and stimulating relationships, so that we can continue to evolve as a community for generations to come!  


Not only has FSAF provided the community with the best pole parties for the last decade, we have been involved with community events!  Former owner, Kristi Boatright, shared what we are all about at the Trade Fair on the 188th Air National Guard Base in 2017.  Proud supporter of Maeli Jones and the Van Buren Theater Department 2022.  To be continued…



Occasionally, we host FREE Pop-Up Aerial Events for the community; these flash events are a good way for us to build community relationships, network with local businesses, and a chance for us to share informational material on promotional gifts, products, services and more!

Enjoy Aerial Popcorn Tending!

Come watch our ambient aerial performances while getting FREE popcorn served from ABOVE!! Have the benefit with a photo-op opportunity with an aerialist; post, share and tag your favorite Aerial Popcorn Tending photos with us to help grow our content! 


Enter for raffles!!  Demo a Pose!!  Hang with our Flight Crew!!


We network with local businesses throughout the area to share and spread the love of small businesses alike and in-between! Contact us today, if you are a small business and would like to collaborate with us for a Pop-Up Aerial Event!  Check out our “Events” page!


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Meet the Team

Student Spotlight!!!

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Flight Instructors


Pictured: Erin, Kayla & Bekah

Kayla Smith


Head Flight Instructor for Classes, Parties & Workshops

Kayla was previously in the medical profession, mother of two, turned entrepreneur.  Kayla took her first pole class in 2013 and immediately fell in love with it.  The centripetal force felt like she was FLYing, and she’s been fighting gravity ever since.  Her favorite part about Aerial Fitness is the diversity in the students; from rock climbers, ballet students, yogis, to complete beginners and watching them progress through their own strengths.  The students that have never taken a fitness class, come in with the desire to improve their lives, those students are most dear to Kayla.  They soon find that Aerial Fitness is a whole body workout, and it’s fun!  Kayla’s biggest idol is our previous “Pole Mom” and the one who started it all, Kasey Valdivia!  Without her, none of us would have this studio today.  Kayla started working for the previous owner back in 2014, Kasey took her under her wing and showed her the ropes.  Kayla is currently working on advancing her degree in Pole fitness, and she hopes to master it one day.  Her hobbies outside of FSAF, is pretty vast; she loves art, reading, hiking with family, resin arts, and fishing.  If Kayla could possess one super power, “I already F.L.Y.,” she says, “so maybe control time, there just never seems to be enough time in the day.”  Catch Kayla teaching many Pole and Aerial classes from Intro to FSAF, to Aerial Yoga, to various Workshops and Parties!!  CPR certified.  Kayla is currently taking SpinCity Pole Level 1&2 Certification.  


Erin Marques


Head Flight Instructor for Classes, Parties & Workshops

Erin is a stay-at-home mom, she lives in Ozark with her husband and three children.  In her 30’s, Erin got into Aerial Fitness and started with Pole in 2014.  The gravity defying tricks and strength it takes to make it look effortless was the root cause of her falling in love before she even stepped foot into a studio and touched a pole.  Erin found our mother studio, bought a home pole, and attended classes when she could around pregnancies and c-sections.  Erin loves that aerial fitness is open to so many different levels, backgrounds, cultures, styles, etc and the aerial community is one of the most loving and supportive communities you will ever come across.  Aerial Fitness literally changes everything!!  And Erin wants to share that with you!  She has a few idols, besides our “Pole Mom” Kasey; Jenyne Butterfly is the one that sparked her love for pole, watching the pure strength and control in those defying gravity tricks.  You can find Erin currently working on getting her flexibility and core strength back on track!  Erin’s advice for anyone that wants to try Aerial Fitness, “Your aerial journey can be whatever you want it to be.  You craft it better than anyone.”  Outside of teaching and managing FSAF, Erin and her family like to go camping, fishing, play board games, play at the park (yes, she plays on the monkey bars… who doesn’t? ;)) family movie night, riding motorcycles, she crochets and loves arts and crafts with the kids.  She loves the Full Moon and Crystals and does Tarot and Oracle readings in her spare time, you could say she has a witchy side.  If Erin could possess one super power, she would pick super flexibility.  Catch Erin teaching many Pole and Aerial classes from Polga Flow, to Lyra Lingo, to various Workshops and Parties!!  Erin is CPR certified.  CirqFIT Lyra Certification acquired Sept 2021.  Aerial Rigging Course by Delbert Hall completed Jan 2022.  Erin is currently taking SpinCity Grounded Hoop Course and Canadian Pole Fitness Association’s Above the Bar (Lyra) course.   

Bekah Skaggs

Founder @ Dark Phoenix Performance Arts

Star Flight & Workshop Instructor

Aerial & Cirque Event Performer

Bekah started out her career almost by accident.  She stumbled into our Mother Studio-Vertical Pole Studio in 2016, and immediately was addicted to the new alternative forms of fitness she found in the Pole & Aerial world!  Four months later, she became a certified trainer, and the rest is history!  Having ignited her passion for movement and helping others find it too, she continues to strive for excellence.  Today, Bekah has over 14 certifications, has worked with dozens of facilities in Arkansas, and now also does Aerial & Fire Performances, acting, modeling and stunt work all across the USA.  Her specialties include: mobility training, Lollipop Lyra, Aquatics, Aerial Silks, Pole, and so much more!  Bekah works with all ages; from the littles, all the way up to seniors, and everyone in between.  Safety is her number one priority.  Her goal is to always instill confidence in her students and to have a great time doing it!  Catch her in NWA at several locations, and soon to-be working with us here at FSAF!  You can find Bekah teaching Various Workshops from: Mobility training, Lollipop Lyra, Double Trouble, POUND, to various dance methods!

Natalia McGriff

Star Flight Instructor

Aerial Event Performer

More Bio and pic coming soon!!!  Natalia is a physical therapist here in Fort Smith that moved here recently from Washington.  To be continued…

You can catch Natalia teaching Silks! 

Courtney Youphoriafy

Founder @ Sacred Somatics Circus

Star Flight Instructor

Aerial & Cirque Event Performer

Courtney has been exploring the realms of many flow and movement based practices throughout her life, from dance to acrobatics. Always fascinated by movement, her passion for it shines every time she steps onstage or instructs a class. For nine years, she has focused on expanding herself as a circus artist in multiple disciplines including hula hoops, aerial sling, and stilt walking. In 2014, she founded Sacred Somatics Circus, a circus arts company dedicated to sharing the fun and playful practices of circus arts with her local community. Courtney has performed at a number of events such as Flow Motion Festival, Southern Lights Flow Retreat, Peacemaker Festival, Last Night Fayetteville, and many more.  In 2018, Courtney completed her 200-hour Yoga Alliance Registered Teacher Certificate with Powered by Heart Training. She started a second company, Natural State Inspired, where she continues to share her love for yoga through workshops, yoga hikes, and retreats. She even completed certifications as a Life Coach, as well as a Level 1 & 2 Usui-Tibetan Reiki Practitioner!  You can find Courtney teaching Various Aerial Yoga & Meditation Classes, as well as Circus Flow Art Workshops!

Svetlana Moulton

Star Flight Instructor

Aerial Event Performer

Svetlana is an international movement instructor ranging in a huge variety of disciplines.  She and her husband moved to Fort Smith from China in the summer of 2017. Together, she and her husband, Chris, are experienced in Brazilian jiu jitsu, AcroYoga, calisthenics, bar fitness, pole, aerial yoga, slackline yoga, Ashtanga, Hatha, Bikram, and Vinyasa. Through their teaching careers, they have led retreats and taught in over 20 countries.  Svetlana is a calming presence, and sets the tone for a peaceful perspective throughout her dynamic classes. Her classes embody the key principles of yoga, through the connection of the mind, body, and soul. She is an open book, and will gladly share all of her skillful, acrobatic tricks and tips with even a beginner! If alternative fitness is what you’re looking for, that’s exactly what you’ll find in her classes and workshops.  You can catch Svetlana teaching Various Pole & Aerial classes, Silks, Yoga and various workshops!

Destiny Friddle

Personal Trainer.  Star Flight Instructor. 

Gig/Costume Make-Up Artist.  Aerial Event Performer.

You can say that Destiny has always been a wild one!  She finds interest in uncommon things to inspire her to perfect the things she is working on.  Destiny started as a student in Pole class, just wanting to try something fun.  But she soon found that it was much more than that!  She caught on quickly and before she knew it, her life took a new direction.  She ended up teaching Pole and then eventually learned more things like Lyra and Aerial Yoga, and much more.  It was everything she wanted and it is still a big part of her life around being a busy mom, wife and pre-k teacher.  The thing Destiny loves most about Aerial Fitness is all the doors is has opened for her.  It helped her lose weight and now she is also a Personal Trainer.  Destiny’s biggest idol is Sarah Scott, for making everything look so effortless and beautiful.  Destiny is currently working on becoming the best performer and teacher she can be.  She wants to be to others, what her idols are to her.  Her advice for anyone that wants to try aerial is, “to just give it a try.  It could change your life, as it did mine!”  Outside of FSAF, Destiny’s hobbies are make-up and working out.  You can catch Destiny teaching various Aerial and Pole classes and performing at our special Events!  Need some gig or costume make-up?  She’s your girl!!  ISSA Personal Trainer.


Kristi Boatright

Founder @ Stori Photos

Aerial Photography

Kristi was the former owner of FSAF before she found her love for photography and opened Stori Photos.  She was recently awarded Rangefinder Magazine’s prestigious title of 30 Rising Stars of Wedding Photography and was also named Best of the Best in Wedding Photography by Junebug Weddings.  Kristi’s love for Aerial Arts plus her passion and skill in photography is the perfect combo to document your Aerial “Stori” and have you looking absolutely beautiful!  Be sure to like and follow her page to witness her captures of beautiful photos of everyday life!